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Earth Day!


In honor of our lovely Mother Earth, we wanted to share some easy, everyday things YOU can do to help the planet!

Recycle – OK, this is an easy one. At home or at work, don’t forget to recycle! At work, only print things that you absolutely have to. At home, set your printer to double-sided to save paper.

Pass on Plastics – Reusable bags are the best! They hold more than their wasteful counterparts, and thanks to reusable bags by Envirosax, they are affordable and stylish too! Some places even offer small discounts for using reusable bags! If you forget your reusables, request paper bags 🙂 If you do use plastic, make them work double-time by using them as trash liners around the house. One of the biggest plastic plights is plastic water bottles. There are millions of plastic water bottles produced in the U.S. every year. Trade in your plastic water bottle for a reusable one. Nubius Organics has reusable bottles that are free of BPA. It’s a great way to save money and reduce waste. The same goes for your coffee! Bring a reusable mug to work, or even to Starbucks!

For the Girl on the Go – Carpool when possible. Carpooling just once a week to work can help the planet! If your destination isn’t far, consider taking a bicycle or walking.

Go Organic – Organic options are often more expensive, but consider purchasing Eco-friendly or Organic options when you can. A good place to start is cleaning products. They have naturally derived options for just dollars more and they are safer for children and pets. A less expensive alternative can be making your own all-natural cleaning solutions! Here are some from Real Simple.

Remember, we only get one planet, and every little bit counts 🙂

Happy Earth Day from Body Central!

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