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Halloween Looks


Check out these fun celebrity look-a-like ensembles for Halloween! They’re so stylish, it’s almost scary.

The “Posh” Pop Star

Although it’s been a while since The Spice Girls were together, Victoria Beckham is still a style icon of simplicity and sex appeal. When it comes to Victoria, think black. The sexy liquid legging above is available in stores now. The legging is very Victoria when paired with a boyfriend blazer. We couldn’t even walk down the office hallway with the bag above without being stopped; it’s coming to stores soon! Shades are important to protect your eyes from the paparazzi camera flashes. Looking for a couples’ costume? Grab a soccer ball and some shorts and your beau can be David! Be sure not to forget the most important part of this look; your seriously sexy straight face. 🙂


The Hippie Heartbreaker

Vanessa Hudgens has mastered the look of effortless boho style. midriff bearing tops, sexy flares, and crossbody bags are all staples of Vanessa’s wardrobe. When it comes to jewelry; go for gold, feathered and wood pieces. The beautiful bangle set above is available in stores and online! For headwear, try a laid back floppy hat, coming to stores soon in cranberry, or an adorable beanie.

The Hip Hop Sensation

Nicki Minaj has a super adventurous sense of style. Go for daring, body conscious pieces that will get you noticed! The leopard print harem pant above is all Nicki. Say ‘yes’ to anything that accentuates your awesome curves! Think bright colors, like pink (obviously :)) and of course, any wig your heart desires.


The R&B Mom To-Be

For Beyoncé, we chose a look from her music video for the song, ‘Countdown‘. The turtleneck above is available in stores now, and we have a long sleeve version available online now! The new french terry lined legging is available in stores and online now. They feel amazing and they’re great to battle the nighttime chill. Finish off your look with a little baby bump! 🙂 We love the look she captured for this video.

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