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Ahead of the Curve


This post is strictly for the curvy ladies! We know that jeans can be a challenge for many different reasons. Finding a good pair of jeans can be frustrating enough to make one never want to shop again (we know, it scares us too). Well curvy girls, it looks like your days of ill-fitting jeans are over. Body Central has curvy jeans that are all about making your fabulous curves look even better! We are very excited about our first pair of curvy skinny jeans from Boom Boom. They’re shaped through the hips and sit just below your waist to contour your hips and thighs. Say goodbye to gaping at the waist! This pair has faux back pockets with button-tab closures are adorable and oh-so flattering. We also have a boot cut curvy jean by Ariya. This pair has details that make them ideal for an edgier look. They would like great with our pleather vest and a basic tank. We have both of these styles available in stores now! They’re priced at just $29.90.

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  1. Victoria permalink
    02/09/2012 4:35 am

    Just what I like and needed to have.

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