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Candy Striper


Stripes are a spring staple. Right now stripes are everywhere; nautical pieces, abstract patterns and some stripes that take on a life all their own. Take this classic trend and turn it on its head with vivid colors! Bright stripes create a sporty look that makes you seem up for any adventure life throws your way. The striped open weave crop top above is available in stores and online. Carpe diem in bold, playful spring stripes!

Click here to shop stripes online!

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  1. o yah permalink
    02/24/2012 7:43 pm

    nice! 🙂 i like the colors (: i think i’d wear a black tank tho underneath the rite one if i go out in it. but that’s just me (: anyways yeah i love it
    does body central rok or what? 🙂 whos with me:)

  2. body central does rock permalink
    02/24/2012 7:48 pm

    yeah i agree with u there that body central does rock!!!!! 😀 its awesome

  3. o yah permalink
    02/24/2012 7:50 pm


  4. bc roks permalink
    02/24/2012 7:51 pm

    yeah body central does “rok” 😀

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