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Ups and Downs


Hi-low hemlines are going to rule this summer! These asymmetrical hemlines have a shorter length in the front and cascade to a lower length in the back. It’s almost a, “business in the front, party in the back” situation, but they’re much sexier than that. 🙂 Walking down the street in a hi-low skirt and heels will leave them speechless. The tail end of your skirt will move with you through out the day and create a visual impact you never would expect. Crochet fabrics look great in this trend. The crochet hi-low skirt on the bottom left has been a favorite in the office. Both of the skirts above look hippie chic with flats and a crossover bag. We have new hi-low skirts coming to stores now in stripes and summer colors you’ll love. Make no mistake; hi-low hemlines aren’t just for skirts. Hi-low tops will do just as many favors for your look as a skirt. The bottom of the top is so open, your waist look almost invisible when you pair one of these tops with skinny jeans. The music note top above is a store item that’s in high demand right now. The animal print hi-low tanks on the right have a metallic detail on the front that makes them night-worthy when worn with a pair of jeans and pumps. Trends will come and go this summer, but we think this one will end on a high note.

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